Dog Snake Avoidance ® Training!

Yes it is possible to train your dog to avoid snakes!
Venomous snakes kill dogs, so train your canine to run from them and avoid being bitten!
A fence is not required!
Besides saving the life of your beloved canine, it may also save you many thousands of dollars in unexpected vet bills to keep your pet alive.
... For years people have trained dogs to avoid snakes by using non-venomous snakes or lizards and correction training to teach avoidance behaviour.
Unfortunately this often didnít work, because dogs see venomous snakes as being different.
This is because besides looking different to non-venomous species, they have a very different odour and dogs have a very acute sense of smell.
Hence dogs trained using non-venomous snakes still got bitten by venomous ones and avoidance training became viewed by many as a waste of time and money.
Until now, using venomous snakes in training couldn't be contemplated as the downside would be dogs getting bitten and dying during training.
This changed in 2003, when the Snakeman Raymond Hoser solved the problem!
He became the first person in the world to successfully surgically devenomize deadly snakes. That is, deadly snakes were made totally harmless by the surgical removal of the relevant saliva glands. These snakes have been used in Australiaís best reptile shows ever since in shopping malls, schools and other venues across Australia being the only guaranteed safe venomous shows in the country. That is why Snakebusters® and Reptile Parties® are the most demanded reptile shows in all parts of Australia.
But because these snakes are totally safe (they have no venom), they can also be safely used for snake avoidance training for dogs and with zero risk to the dogs.
This training has been perfected in recent years and with stunning results.
As the Snakeman and his businesses remain the only people in Australia with the expertise to have vet certified surgically devenomized snakes, only the snakeman can do safe snake avoidance training for dogs using genuine venomous snakes, including all the ones likely to be encountered, such as Black, Brown, Tiger, Taipan, Death Adder and Copperhead.
Teaming up with the best dog trainers in Australia, at the Victorian Dog Academy (VDTA), the snakeman and the VDTA regularly train dogs to avoid venomous snakes. Yes, the Snakeman and the VDTA have saved lives of numerous family pets.
While there are people elsewhere in Australia marketing their own imitation snake aversion training for dogs, none use devenomized deadly snakes and hence all are inferior and cannot guarantee results. Beware of false claims of imitators!
Snakes trained avoidance with non-venomous pythons will not avoid venomous snakes. They look different, smell different and with a sense of smell far greater than a human's, dogs can tell snakes apart and unless trained on the exact species of relevance (the venomous ones), you are effectively wasting your time and money with any aversion training for dogs.
Anyone alleging otherwise is simply scamming you for your cash!
See the dog snake avoidance training scam warning posted here.
So if you live in a snake prone area and you donít want to see your dog suffer the agony of an avoidable painful snakebite death, it is best to be proactive and enrol your pet for Snake Avoidance ® training now. This should be done before your pet encounters a venomous snake at a time when you may not be with your pet, or be able to keep it away from a snake if walking in a snake prone area off lead.
For most dogs a single one hour session is sufficient to permanently protect your pet from snakebite.
Details at:
phone: (03) 9812 3322 or 0412 777 211

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